On the dance floor, a smile and a kind word works best to break the ice


The 12 Comandements on the Ballroom Floor

1) Never come onto the dance floor carrying drink, glasses, cans or other loose items.

2) Never stay on the floor to talk - if the music has started go off the dance floor to chat.

3) When dancing near beginners - be mindful and courteous and don't show off.

4) Remember the floor is for everyone. Leave enough outside space for completion of all the steps.

5) When dancing around the floor, the line of dance as is in ballroom dancing, always anti clockwise.

6) If the floor is crowded, take small steps, enjoy the company , but watch for collisions.

7) If you should bump into someone , it is customary to apologize whether it is your fault or not.

8) Don't be tempted to stop dancing to teach, especially if there is no room. Teach off the dance floor.

9) Never walk though a line of dancers to cross the floor - always walk round the floor or wait.

10) Remember everyone was once a beginner, if you can dance do try to be helpful to newcomers.

11) When starting off the dance, go to the front so that others can fall in behind you.

12) Most important, keep your head up , keep smiling and enjoy yourselves.

And finally for everyone's hygiene and basic etiquette, do not clean your dancing shoes anywhere inside the dancehall.

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