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Song tempi are listed in Measures Per Minute or (MPM). As recommended by the National & International Dance Council. An easy (though not especially accurate) way to count (MPM) is to tap out the number of beats in a particular interval -20 seconds for music in 3:4 time (Waltzes), 30 seconds for music in 2:4 time (Sambas), or 15 seconds for music in 4:4 time and so on.

Standard Dances are those dances which have not only survived the test of time but have been danced continuously since their inception. Understanding the similarities as well as the differences of all the social dances can readily recognize and adapt as new dances appear on the scene.

List on some dances MPM's:




Foxtrot 30-32 MPM 28-30 MPM
Peabody 60-62 MPM -
Quickstep - 50-52 MPM
Tango 30-32 MPM 33-33 MPM
Viennese Waltz 54-58 MPM 56-60 MPM
Waltz 28-30 MPM 28-30 MPM
Bolero 24-26 MPM -
Cha Cha 28-30 MPM 32 MPM
Hustle 28-30 MPM -
Jive - 44-46 MPM
Mambo 48-51 MPM -
Merengue 29-32 MPM -
Paso Doblé 58-60 MPM 60-62 MPM
Polka 60-62 MPM -
Rumba 32-36 MPM 26-27 MPM
Samba 52 MPM 48-50 MPM
Swing 34-36 MPM -

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Ballroom dancing is so graceful and fun that even if you've never done it, you can be enthratein by just watching and listening to the music.

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